Encore Real Time España, S.A.

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We currently maintain systems from the following manufacturers: SGI, Sun, HP, Dell, Encore, Storagetek and others in flight and nuclear power plant simulators, nuclear and thermal power plants, etc.

Sale of electronic components, spares, computer equipment, instrumentation etc. new or refurbished from any manufacturer. We try to locate items in any part of the world that customers ask us to find.

Parts or equipments from different manufacturers that we have in stock for sale with 90 days of warranty.

ENCORE’s Simulation Solutions Group has the technical expertise and experience in providing effective and efficient equipment, services, solutions, and support for all your training needs.

ENCORE maintains its five-decade-plus tradition as a center for innovation, creating open, deterministic, scalable computer systems, I/O subsystems, and component technologies for wide-ranging real-time applications.

AICSYS has been manufacturing Industrial Chassis and Specialized Single Board Computers for almost twenty years and has been a major supplier of OEM/ODM IPC Products to many of the leading IPC companies in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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